"Sine Marie creates haunting and dreamy illustrations of fictional characters. Some are cute, some are quirky and some are nearly melancholy. All of them resonate the same style and are easily recognisable as Sine Marie’s work."

-Handmade in Norway

Sine Marie Brastad

An artist from norway.

Being educated as a tattoo artist combined with a love for comics and graphic novels has probably influcenced my style merging into a quirky, dark and unique style.

I love mixing medias and techniques, like pastels, aquarelles, ink and acrylics.

I also do digital work and photography including logos illustrations for several bands.



"Dreams beyond reality"


" v e k t l ø s "


«Av jord er du kommet, vi tar det derfra…»


Amatørutstilling på Krutthuset i Stavern